Plovdiv, the city of 7 hills,  is the second biggest city in Bulgaria and was my home for three and half years. It is also a very historic city and is considered the longest continually inhabited city in Europe. The most popular area of the city for running is the rowing channel, also known as Grenba Baza (Гребна База). However if you're a trail and hill junkie like myself you should definitely explore some if not all of the hill.



Although not my recommend form of transport to Borisova Gradina parking is avaliable at Vasil Levski Stadium, free of charge. However during daytime hours the parking is often full and during football games parking can be prohibited. 



Grebna Baza (Гребна База)


Located on the Western edge of the city, the rowing channel provides a great venue for a variety of athletic activities especially for beginners.  The rowing canal is surround by a paved surface split between pedestrian and cycle parts. One loop around the canal is rough 4.7km (2.9 mi) with little to no elevation change. In addition to the standard paved routes there are a number of trails in the area that provide different terrain. Near the stands on the southeast side of the canal there are number of cafes. Grebna Baza is an extremely popular location especially on weekends when the weather is good so plan appropriately.  

Grebna Heat