Dragalevtsi like its neighbours is a former village that has now been incorporated into Sofia. It lies of at the base of Vitosha mountain providing access to the mountain via Dragalevtsi Lift that takes to you just below Goli Vrah "Голи Врах"( 1837m). In addition the lift you can access the mountain via road to Aleko Chalet "Хижа Алкео" which is the base for winter operations as well. The square in the center of town is the tradition start of the E-4 international trail which will lead you directly to Cherni Vrah "Черни Врах" (2290m) the highest of Vitosha's Peak from there the trail continues south to Rila, Pirin and eventually the Border with Greece. 



Boyana like any village like setting in Bulgaria offers a multitude of parking options that is best left up to you depending on the route you choose to run, just make sure you abide by all local signage.


Public Transit


N. 64

N. 66 - To Hizha Alkeo - Weekends only

N. 93 - To Dragalevtsi Lift

N. 98

Lift Info

9:00 – 16:30
Last load from “Goli vrah” station @ 16:00
The lift is working on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

For prices & latest information information see:

Ski Vitosha Site (Bulgarian)





Dragalevtsi - Cherni Vrah (Black Peak) via Hizha Aleko

Distance: 10.2km (6.3 mi)

Vertical Climb: 1525m (5003 ft)

Vertical Climb: 1525m (5003 ft)

Dragalevtsi - Boyana Lake Low Loop

Distance: 12.7km (7.9 mi)

Vertical Climb: 624m (2047 ft)