Boyana - Boyana Waterfall

Distance: 3.3km (2.05 mi)

Vertical Climb: 478m (1,568 ft)











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From the entrance of Vitosha Nature Park on the southern edge of Boyana follow the well marked trail with green blazes. The trail climbs steeply much of the first 500 meters as pass number of switch backs. You have the option to cut a number of these but as always I recommend you stay on the main path . Although the trail pitches down a bit it still climb consistently. After 1.5 km you will briefly exit the forest into a meadow that is under a series of power lines. It is at this point the trail from Boyana lake joins the main trail. Continue up further over easier train now and shortly after reentering the forest you arrive at a fork in the trail, stay to your right continuing to climb. At 1.9km you will see a small outcrop to your right where you can have a beautiful view of the Boyana River valley and the Kopito TV tower on the opposing ridge. Take in the view before continuing on. Above this point the trail become more easier to runs as it hugs the hillside cross streams and climbing through the forest. Right before you reach the 3 km you will see a white arrow and "ВАД" written which indicates the first turn off for the waterfall. Take the trail down 400 meters to the waterfall area, be careful as the moisture in the area often leads to many of the rocks being slippery.

Alternative approaches:

Map of the Boyana Waterfall Area

There are many a few options as you approach Boyana waterfall as you see from the map near by there are trails that access different areas of the waterfall. The middle access allows one easy access to the waterfall below or to the top of the falls*. The top access allows to the top of the falls but also the upper portion of the Boyana River. It is a fun and steep area to explore




Top access trailto boyana waterfall

Me above boyana waterfall on a hazy day

Turn by Turn

0.0KM: The Trail head starts from the top of ul. Pop Evstati Vitoshki a the entrance sign to Vitosha Nature Park


0.05KM: Follow the green blazes


1.6 KM: At the fork take the path marked to the right up across the wooden boardwalk


1.9KM: Pass a brief look out to the valley and Sofia below

2.9KM: Turn right following the indication for "ВАД" which is the abbreviation for waterfal


3.3KM: Arrive at Boyana Waterafall


2.6KM: Arrive Belata Voda


* - The trail to access the top of the falls is extremely exposed, you should only do so if you are comfortably in bare rock, steep situations.