Boyana, like the areas surrounding it is a former village that has not been incorporated into Sofia. It plays host the start to the oldest ultra-marathon in Bulgaria, Vitosha 100, every June. Beyond that it is also home to the National Musem of History and Boyana Church, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Trail wise you have easy access to the low traverse trails on Vitosha as well as steep acres to Boyana waterfall and Boyana Lake.



Boyana like any village like setting in Bulgaria offers a multitude of parking options that is best left up to you depending on the route you choose to run, just make sure you abide by all local signage.


Public Transit


N. 63

N. 64

N.111 - From the Ring Road




Boyana - Boyana Waterfall

Distance: 3.3km (2.05 mi)

Vertical Climb: 478m (1,568 ft)



Boyana -Boyana Lake - h. Momina Skala - Kopito Loop

Distance: 9.4km (5.8 mi)

Vertical Climb: 759m (2490 ft)