Borisova Gradina 5 km loop

Distance: 5.2km (3.2 mi)

Elevation+: 83m (272 ft)

Turn by Turn

0.0KM: From Eagles Bridge Plaza continue straight down path parallel to boulevard

0.7KM: Begin climbing as the path turns to the right

1.4KM: Turn left and continue through tunnel

2.1KM: Turn left down final dirt path in park

2.4KM: Cross towards Port-a-Potty continue under wooden sign

3.1KM: Turn left on to gradual uphill

3.5KM: Turn right down to tunnel, continue straight

4.4KM: Quick right on path next to football pitches then a right on path after 200m

5.0KM: Left back towards start

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 11.49.27.png



From the Eagles Bridge plaza follow the path that parallels the boulevard on the left (Tsarigradsko Shose). After about 800 meter the path will begin to climb as the path gradually turns away from the boulevard. At the top of the climb is a water fountain and the paved path turns into a cobbled street briefly before arriving at a T junction. Take a left turn through the tunnel and up the steep short climb to the tree lined path. Around the 2km mark you will be nearing the end of the park, take  left on the last dirt path that gradually heads down hill a few hundred meters until it appears you reach another T junction, however continue straight on the path leading towards the "Port-a-potty."  Continue past the toilet and under the wooden sign that leads around the empty lake and into the forest.  This trail will lead out on to a forested dirt road that you will take back to the 3km point where you will turn right up a hill to rejoin the main path.  When you reach the main path turn right again and pass through the tunnel again but this time continue you straight down the hill. On your right you will pass an abandoned pool complex then "Bulgaria Army Stadium" here the path begins mixed use so beware of cars.  Another T intersection will appear where you will take the path to the right of the football courts and then right about 100 meters meter on the path that goes behind the National stadium. The path is wide and paved and will take you back to the central part of Borisova Gradina where you can return to the starting point.