A new year a new focus

Alosha at night in Plovdiv

Alosha at night in Plovdiv

Well it is a new year and just like everyone I am busy making myself promises that I am sure I will have a hard time keeping. In fact one of the last times I wrote here I made a number of promises like, specifically to update this blog more often. Before I get to my new years goals , here’s a quick update on the last 3 months:

Bought an apartment, renovated said apartment (partially me and two other guys), moved in, did more renovation, meanwhile continued running roughly 50km a week up until the 2nd week of December. Traveled traveled to the netherlands (multiple times), Italy and the UK for work, got sick, got better and…….

here we are in January.

2018 was a challenging year for me, I spent the first half of the year getting back into shape after an injury and then real life caught up with my running life so my running plans had to come second. Heading into 2019 I hope to get a bit more time to focus on some goals and spend more time in the mountains. At the moment though my plans for 2019 are still rather in flux.

2019 Goals:

Sunrise in Rila during Adventure Sky Run 2018

Sunrise in Rila during Adventure Sky Run 2018

  1. New Marathon PR- Current time 3:20 - Goal time sub 3:05. Target race Thessaloniki Marathon April 14th

  2. New Half Marathon PR- Current time: 1:28.28 Goal time: 1:26.30 Target Race: Something in the autumn TBD

  3. New best time in Adventure Sky Run (55km 3609m D+): Current time: 11:57.08 Goal Time: Sub 10:45

That is all for now but I will be updating this soon with more about my training plan for 2019 and some special features I want to bring to the website in 2019.