Trail Series: Pancharevo Night Run Race Report

Another pre race photo CREDIT:  Kriosk Photography

Another pre race photo CREDIT: Kriosk Photography

Last Wednesday was Trail Series annual Pancharevo night race at Lake Pancharevo. For me it was the second race in a row that was centred on Lake Pancharevo after last month's half marathon. I approached this race purely as fun run and was still tired from the previous days tempo runs. This year there was only a one lap (6.3 km 135m D+) individual option or a 3 lap/person relay. 

Lake Pancharevo During warm up CREDIT: me

Lake Pancharevo During warm up CREDIT: me

First, a bit about the change in the course from the Cactus Run Loop. The Pancharevo Night Run course mirror the Cactus Run Loop for the first 4.9 km of the lap, however instead of turning left down the the steep exposed and technical trail you continue straight, past the chalet. The Trail widens here and is paved in patches. It continues ever so slightly uphill until you reach the main Panorama Trail intersection, here you take the trail left that heads down hill.

The this section of trail is similar to the lower section, not overly steep, narrow or technical. However because it is possible to run fast it is tricky at night. The shadows make picking up the obstacles difficult, I managed to make my way down with only one near fall. Immediately before you join up with the the Cactus run loop trail you cross a small bridge at 5.7 km and then you continue down to the start finish.

Out of the Darness Credit:  Kriosk Photography

Out of the Darness Credit: Kriosk Photography

The descent was made even more challenging by our friends at Kriosk Photograpy who were waiting to snap some cool photos. Being momentarily blinded is just part of the challenge after all. All the while I was expecting one photographer on the downhill but I was surprised when there were two. 

Over all I was super happy with my race. I was able to run the entire race, which is a great thing about this course. I did back off a little bit on the down hill purely for self preservation but I ended the race in 7th place with a time of 30:42 just two minutes off the podium. Its been a long road back but im slowly recovering my form and looking forward to a summer full of races.