Knyazhevo is a former village that has been incorporated in to the Sofia city limits. It sits roughly 7km from the city center and just at he north western base of Vitosha Mountain. It provides easy public transport links back to the city as well as super easy access to Vitosha mountain.



In Knyazhevo itself I cannot recommend any specific parking location however, if you take the ul. Professor Nikolay Derzhevin there is parking near Restaurant Bor or if you follow the road further up to Belovodski Put you can skip the steepest sections and park near the Belata Voda Trail Head 


Public Transit


No Connections from Sofia


  • Tram 5
  • Tram 11 
  • Stop: Knyazhevo



Knyazhevo - Belata Voda

Distance: 2.6km (1.6 mi)

Elevation+: 322m (1,059 ft)

Turn by Turn

0.0KM: From the Tram stop, proceed immediately up the stairs to the left

Knyazhevo Tram Stopjpg

0.05KM: Take the stone stairs up to the left, either left or right works

0.2KM: Cross the road towards the restaurant, follow the trail immediately to the left

1.2KM: That was steep wasn't it? You're not done yet, cross the bridge and continue up the trail

1.7KM: Turn right on the unimproved road

2.1KM: Cross Belovodski Put and continue up the trail

2.6KM: Arrive Belata Voda


Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 15.32.06.png

From the tram stop take the stairs immediately to the left, cross the park area to the steep hill. You can either take the stairs or the steep path on the left that cuts the first levels of the stairs. Continue up across the street towards Restaurant "Bor" what means pine.  Take the wide path that is immediately to the left of the restaurant. Here the trail really begins to the climb. The climb is constant and the path remains wide as you climb beneath the towering pines. On weekends this is a busy trail.  After 1.2 km you get a short respite as you turn right then left over a bridge. Here the trail pitches up again steeply for the hards part but it is over after 100 meters. The trail continues to climb but at a more reasonable grade now. When you reach the road turn to the right and continue uphill past the mansion. Shortly you will reach the main road (parking area), cross carefully and continue uphill and across the stream. There is a quick switchback and a small rocky portion that offers a nice lookout over the valley below. Then you will arrive at Belata Voda, which means white water. There is a spring to refresh your water supply and a number of picnic tables.

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