The ultimate natural playground for Sofia locals and visitors alike, Vitosha mountain rises to a height of 2,290m (7,510ft). The northern sections of the mountain are easily accessible from Sofia by bus, metro and car. Vitosha Nature Park, dates from 1934 and encompasses most of the mountain. It is the oldest park of its type in the Balkans. In the winter the upper slopes of Vitosha are skiable and lifts are operated by Vitosha Ski. The number of trails are endless in the Vitosha massif and offer a huge range of terrain and technicality.  

The Zones

I have organised the routes based upon the main trail heads (as determined through experience). From each point I will try to offer a variety of different routes, both in loop form or point to point. I have planned most routes to be done solely with public transportation. Please make sure to read through my getting around tips for each area to not make some of the same mistakes I have.

Western Vitosha

A district of Sofia located at the end of the N. 5 tram line. This offers quick and direct access to Vitosha but beware of the steep climbs.

 Climb from knyazhevo to Belata Voda

Climb from knyazhevo to Belata Voda

 Climbing towards Zlatine Mostove along the Vladayska River   

Climbing towards Zlatine Mostove along the Vladayska River


Zlatine Mostove

Meaning "Golden Bridges" in Bulgarian, it is a popular site on the western face of Vitosha. It is also the intersection of many trails and has a cafe where you can get some refreshments. There is also a place to park and on the weekends there are hourly buses back to Sofia.


Northern Vitosha (Closest to Sofia)







Eastern Vitosha



Southern Vitosha