Pancharevo Reservoir is located less that 20km from the center of Sofia. It is easily accessible via public transport and by private car. The area features a mixed of paved road, single track and dirt roads. Popular with the locals because of its proximity to the city and beautiful views of Vitosha mountains located directly to the west. The trails departing from Pancharevo Reservoir climb quickly on a mix of single track and dirt roads that provide access to the entire Lozan Mountain range lying further to the east. The reservoir is also the site of a number of local trail races including The Catcus Run (November) and the Pancharevo Trail Marathon (April). 



Parking is most easily found by reaching the lake through the town of German. In case the parking at the lake is full you can park just down the road in the last square on the way to the lake.  Alternative you can park off the road to Samokov (Rt 82) near the bus stop and cross the damn. 

Public Transit


  • Bus 1  Stop: Banyata Pancharevo
  • Bus 3 Stop: Banyata Pancharevo
  • Bus 4 Stop: Banyata Pancharevo
  • Bus 6 Stop: Selo German
  • Bus 8 Stop: Selo German

Route Taxi

  • n. 37 Stop: Selo German

From Banyata Pancharevo: cross the road and backtrack about 100 m to cross the damn towards the parking lot

From Selo German: Continue another 500 m up (south) the road to the parking lot.



Catcus Run Loop

Distance: 6.7km (4.2 mi)

Elevation+: 161m (679 ft)

Turn by Turn

0.0KM: Head straight down the paved path to the left of the lake

2.0KM: Continue Straight up Steep climb under seemingly abandoned complex

3.0KM: Sharp left turn on trail that begins to climb immediately

4.9KM: Left turn heading down hill away from the chalet on the right

5.2KM: Enjoy the view of the lake and Vitosha Mountain!

6.1KM: Join main trail heading downtown to return to the start



Starting from the parking lot next to the lake continue straight down the paved path along the lake edge. This path is newly paved however it is poorly maintained in the winter so beware of ice and the possibility of rock falls during the 2nd kilometer. The paved section is not flat but more of rolling terrain with a short steep climb at the 2km point. When you reach 3km turn right on to the single track that doubles back up the slope to the left. The climbs consistent for most of the next 2 km as the trail winds up the slope and affords some great views to the west.  Just before the 5km point you will see a chalet style building appear on your right, there the trail turns sharply to the left steeply descending for about one hundred meters, then the trail turns sharply again to the right. You continue to descend as the views to the left increase until you come to small exposed look out, take a minute and enjoy the view before you continue. The next part of the trail is fun, its fast, not technical and downhill as you weave through the trees.  As you approach the 6km mark you rejoin the main trail down to the