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This is a compilation of two trails from the Trail Run project because this section forms a section of the Vitosha 100 trail. The trail starts from Belata Voda (if you need to know how to get there see the Knyazhevo Page), right after the spring you arrive at a fork, stick to the trail on the right. From here there is a consistent but easy climb to Tihiya Kut where you cross the road and head into a series of ups and downs before you descend the gradual sandy trail into Vladaya, From here you take the slightly rocky trail that climbs to the west.


Belata Voda -Vladaya Intersection 

Distance: 4.7km (2.9 mi)

Elevation+: 235m (771 ft)

Turn by Turn

0.0KM: From the Tram stop, proceed immediately up the stairs to the left


1.3KM: Pass Tihiya Kut and cross the road

Tihiya Kut.jpg

3.6KM: Turn left and begin the climb

Vladaya Turnjpg

4.6KM: Now it gets really steep


4.7KM: Arrive at intersection, Continue straight to go to Zlatnie Mostove and cross the bridge to the right to go to Kladnitsa 



Where to Next???

Vladayska River

Vladayska River


To Zlatnie Mostove:

Cherni Vrah

Boyana Waterfall 

Higher Altitudes


To Kladnitsa

Vitsosha 100 Trail

Studena Reservoir  

Bridge over Vladayskay River

Bridge over Vladayskay River